Red Dwarf Games have released a beta demo for upcoming intergalactic point and click adventure Tales Of Cosmos, starring unlikely astronaut duo Perseus the dog and Professor Gagayev the monkey. Be honest, that sounds great doesn’t it? Check out the trailer below:

The game looks like good fun, and I can always appreciate playing as a monkey in a game.

The full game promises the following features:
– A huge open world, complete with many planets and moons to explore
– Free and seamless space travel between celestial objects
– Beautiful hand-drawn environments
– A haunting soundtrack to set the right mood for cosmic exploration
– Each planet has numerous characters and objects to interact with, as well as many puzzles to solve
– Interstellar puzzles – an item acquired on one planet may be useful on another
– Integrated hint system to aid with difficult puzzles, should you need it
– Modding tools – create and share your own interstellar adventure or play the creations of other fans

It sounds like a sweet game – check the demo out on the game’s steam page by clicking this link.

Tales Of Cosmos is due out sometime this year for PC and Mac – the developers are expecting to port it to other platforms sometime too, though.