Though some fans aren’t so excited about The King Of Fighters XIV’s shift from 2D sprites to 3D models, this new trailer released by SNK Playmore should make them feel a little better:

“”THE KING OF FIGHTERS (KOF)” Series has enjoyed huge success across the globe since its birth in 1994.
The latest installment and true successor to the main (numbered) series, has finally been revealed!
Game visuals have evolved into 3D graphics, however “KOF XIV” keeps the classic 2D gameplay and “3-on-3 TEAM BATTLE” game system. Furthermore, various new multiplayer online modes such as “PARTY BATTLE” are featured!
The first chapter of a brand new “KOF” Saga, which welcomes a plethora of returning characters as well as newcomers, now begins!
A voluminous character roster of “50 fighters”!
In addition to numerous classic / popular returning KOF characters, many new characters involved in the storyline enter the ring!
KOF’s traditional “3-on-3 TEAM BATTLE” game system is back!
Select your favorite 3 fighters from the gorgeous character roster of the game, and fight to victory via KOF’s traditional and most praised “3-on-3 TEAM BATTLE” game system!
– A brand new fighting game experience, “PARTY BATTLE” Mode!
Duke it out with as many as six people (three players on each team) in VS Online “Party Battle”! Feel the heat of an authentic fighting game tournament experience via PSN!
A Brand New KOF Saga
The KOF Series’ storyline has been continuing over the “OROCHI”, “NESTS” and “ASH” story arcs.
KOF’s rich story has NOT finished, and returns in a brand new exciting arc with “KOF XIV“!”

I’m pretty pumped for this – I love myself a bit of King Of Fighters so it’s great to see the series get a modern release. The King Of Fighter XIV is due to arrive on the Playstation 4 sometime in 2016 – for more details you can check out the official website through this link.