Coatsink have announced that their telekinetic puzzler Esper 2 will be hitting Samsung Gear VR on December 10th. You can check out the launch trailer below:

“Reprising your role from the original game, you will become an agent of the enigmatic ESPR organisation. ESPR was set up to deal with the outbreak of telekinetic abilities among ‘special’ citizens and consequences of the event. You’ll venture to exotic locations, including the outer reaches of your mind, as you attempt to thwart a villain’s quest to obtain a mysterious artefact.”

I got a chance to try out the original Esper at EGX this year and it’s great – the VR integration works really well, especially with the touch pad controlling your telekinetic powers. I’m sure the sequel will follow suit; not only does it offer all new locations to visit and puzzles to solve, but also features the voice talent of Nick Frost of Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz fame.

Esper 2 arrives on the Samsung Gear VR on December 10 (that’s this week!) – it’s also due to arrive on Oculus Rift in the future too.