Bloober Team’s upcoming horror title Layers Of Fear has been confirmed to be arriving on Playstation 4 alongside the Xbox One and PC. A brand new trailer has been released alongside this announcement – check it out below:

“Prepare to bathe in terror, plummeting ever deeper into the fragile psyche of a tormented painter as he fruitlessly battles his inner demons and troubled past to put onto canvas his crowning achievement. Layers of Fear, developed by the masters of terror at Bloober Team and published by Aspyr Media, will debut in February 16 on PlayStation 4, as well as PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) and Xbox One, where early sneak peeks have already made it one of the most acclaimed horror games in years.”

Layers Of Fear has received widespread praise in it’s early access form. Fortunately fans don’t have too long to wait to play the complete version, with the game launching officially on February 16th. Seems like February is going to be frightening month for games – Layers Of Fear really is terrifying!

Layers Of Fear launches on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 16th.