Those who love their fix of Metroidvania style games might want to check this out – self described ‘Retro Metroidvania with modern visuals‘ title Evil Genome has hit Kickstarter, looking for $10,000 in its quest to see release on Playstation 4 and PC. If you’ve not seen the game in action you can check it out below:

Evil Genome takes place after Earth’s 6th mass extinction, caused by the third world war, the eruption of major volcanoes, and other disasters between the the 22nd and 25th centuries. Less than 1% of humanity has survived these calamities, calling The Last Shelter, a colossal floating island, their home.
Outside of TLS, however, there are less fortunate survivors who, deprived of suitable conditions for survival, mutated and became feral over time. They struggle for survival amongst the ruins of Earth, divided into warring tribes.
In the 25th century AD, TLS began sending colonization expeditions to Earth in an effort to reclaim it. What is left of humanity on Earth can barely be called human by this point, which will lead to conflict with those who survived in TLS. Faced with these differences in culture and technology, these expeditions could spell salvation for the wild survivors, or they could just as well spell disaster.
In AD 2604, a member of a TLS investigation team, Lachesis (one of our playable characters), launched an investigation into a colony that had declared independence. This is where our story begins…

Sci-fi and post-apocalyptic art style
Exploration by massive maps
Immersive story-driven single-player experience
Character progression
Your choices result in different consequences in the game

So the game sounds interesting and it’s only seeking $10,000, which isn’t too unrealistic a goal given how much funding we see some projects get on Kickstarter these days. It’s already been greenlit on Steam too. If you want to back Evil Genome you can do so on Kickstarter by clicking this link.

Evil Genome is due to hit Playstation 4 and PC sometime in 2017.