MindShaft Games have confirmed that their local multiplayer shooter Demons with Shotguns will leave Early Access and officially launch on April 25th. You can check out the release trailer below:

Demons with Shotguns is the ultimate couch fragger gibfest! Armed with a powerful shotgun, bullet deflecting shield and power-up tarot cards, 2 to 4 local players will battle it out to collect each other’s souls in 9 different competitive game modes across 4 realms & 40 arenas.

– Fast paced, twitch style arena shooting action!
– Multiple playable characters. Play as the faithless Preacher, the desperate Demon, the Heavenless Angel, the Antichrist Deceiver, the peace keeping Nun or even Death himself.
– Choose from multiple game modes, including free-for-all and team based modes.
– Battle it out in 4 different interactive environments, with 10 arenas each, featuring unique environmental hazards and mechanics.
– Pick up randomly dropped tarot cards that can either bring you good luck to you or your team in the form of a temporary power-up, or can curse your opponents, giving you a competitive edge.
– Deflect bullets back at your opponent with your shield.
– Dash across the arena to make a quick escape or a trail blazing kill.
– Master shotgun jumping to reach high platforms and create shortcuts.

Demons with Shotguns officially launches on PC and Mac on April 25th 2016 – you can still grab it on Early Access on Steam via this link.