NIS America have announced that their upcoming tactical RPG Grand Kingdom will be getting a beta on the Playstation 4, starting May 3rd until May 10th.

Grand Kingdom

Players can register to join the beta at:

During the beta, players will have access to four character classes (Hunter, Fighter, Witch, Medic) and will be able to get a feel for the game by playing two quests from the single-player campaign before jumping online to join up to three online war battles per day.

When is the Beta?
We’ll start sending out codes to join on May 3rd, and May 9th will be the last day to participate.

What systems can I participate on?
This beta is only available on the “PS4”.

How much of the game can I access?
You’ll be able to use four classes from the game. You’ll also have access to two scenarios from the campaign to get used to playing, and will be able to participate in three online battles per day.

Do I get to keep my save file for the full game?
You’ll be able to keep your squad of units as well as any items and resources you’ve obtained, but all progress in the online war portion will be reset once the beta ends.

Can I transfer my save files from the “PS4” to the “PS Vita”?
No. While Grand Kingdom’s online war utilizes asynchronous multiplayer between both platforms, it does not have cross-save functionality.

Grand Kingdom

Grand Kingdom is coming to the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita on June 17th 2016 in Europe and June 21st 2016 in North America.