The action-packed, story-driven space adventure Space Rift has already been announced by bitComposer Interactive in May. Now, the first official trailer full of striking footage shows what players can expect to see in Space Rift when it is going to be released in Summer 2016 for PC, Android and PlayStation VR.

Thanks to the mixed-reality announcement trailer, players can really feel the specific intensity offered by the large-scale Virtual Reality adventure, especially in comparison to a conventional gaming experience. The player slips thoroughly into the role of a spaceship pilot and quickly becomes part of the game world, the space, the far reaching story, the game itself! The trailer shows the player exploring the vast openness of space and gathering the important minerals needed in order to fight for the freedom of mankind.

Space Rift stands out due to its cinematic presentation and neat storytelling. Earth has been devastated entirely by a destructive meteor shower, thus forcing humanity to emigrate to Mars. Humans were enslaved by the organizations WEYSS and PANDORA and carve out a miserable existence on the xeric red planet. Players slip into the role of the veteran pilot Casey, who takes on the hostile organizations in order to liberate humankind from their suffering on Mars. Radio transmissions, newscasts and the interaction with the fondly designed non-player characters on the base station continuously add new thrilling details about the on-going conflict and also reveal pieces of background information.

Space Rift was developed specifically for Virtual Reality headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and others. Gamers steer their spaceship through the galaxy and fly through space in their own VR cockpit with panoramic view. They collect valuable resources in order to upgrade their spaceship and equip it with new weapons which can be used later on in the dangerous battle against their enemies.

The combination with Virtual Reality leads Space Rift to provide a unique and immersive gaming experience. This motivates the player to advance the story autonomously and to put together newly revealed pieces in the puzzle. Concurrently, the space ship evolves into being the player’s favorite companion – not only in connection with the quest to free humankind, but also in the course of exploring the whole galaxy. The particular segments of the playable outer space were designed individually by the level designers and therefore offer a vast amount of variety – also thanks to impressive visual effects.

Space Rift is coming to PC, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Android during Summer 2016 – it’s due to release on Playstation VR in October 2016.