Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have released the new ‘Dawn’s Children’ update for Crossout, bringing with it plenty of new content.

Introducing the Dawn’s Children, a group of ruthless scientists, it adds the sixth faction contending the rule of the wastelands and the second new faction introduced since launch. Their equipment includes advanced technology such as hover engines and tesla cannons, new cabins and structural parts. Additionally, two new locations and a new PvE raid are also added.

Founded by a group of talented scientists able to escape the devastating effects of the Crossout epidemic, the Dawn’s Children feature the most advanced technology in CROSSOUT to date. The most prominent example of their technological prowess is their widespread use of hover engines, allowing their combat vehicles to float above any surface – if you can keep control. Engines disabled by enemy fire or even the powerful recoil of one’s own cannons can all affect stability if not taken care of, so proper R&D in test drive is advisable before going into battle. Those that want to remain firm on the ground can switch to the new “Lunar IV” all-metal wheels, once designed to explore the harsh terrain of the Red Planet and other celestial bodies – luckily, in this case, the wastelands are not that different.

The arsenal of new weapons introduced by the Dawn’s Children is a perfect mix of frightening new technology and the ingenuity of improvisation. The tesla cannon “Spark III” can attack multiple enemies at once with chain lightning, while the plasma emitter “Quasar” launches powerful balls of hot plasma that explode on impact with a frightening splash damage effect. For close quarters combat, the scientists employ cooled combat lasers capable of continuous fire without overheating. New modules include an advanced sight that can highlight and track enemies, the most powerful and dangerous energy generator, a shield generator and 15 other new parts.

Crossout is out now on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can find out more about the new update through this link.