Find out more about STRAFE’s ‘Millennium Edition Update’ in this new action-packed trailer.

Independent developer Pixel Titans and Devolver Digital have released STRAFE Millennium Edition, a transformative update that adds in new features, games modes, enemies, and gameplay tweaks based on community feedback.

The STRAFE Millennium Edition brings so much new content that it can only be contained in a marketing-friendly, bulleted list:
New Game Modes (Steam Only): STRAFEZONE, a daily challenge mode, and SPEEDZONE, a week-long speed running challenge mode.
New Game Mutators: Added in 20 new unlockable game mutators including Rocket Arena (all enemy guns are rocket launchers), Traditional Mode (three lives to beat a locked seed), and Game of Guns (gun changes every five kills).
Gameplay Tweaks: Updated core gameplay with ability to save runs, more room variety in opening ICARUS area, new enemies, and a traveling merchant for more consumerism.

STRAFE’s ‘Millennium Edition Update’ is available now on PC and Mac, with it also due to launch on the Playstation 4 soon. You can check the game out on Steam through this link.