Check out our gaming news round-up for January 12th 2018, including the start Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Open Beta, an extra day of Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball FighterZ launch party, and the reveal of a new gameplay trailer for virtual reality title Apex Construct.

– Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Open Beta begins today

Square Enix have announced that the Open Beta for their upcoming fighter Dissidia Final Fantasy NT begins today for PlayStation Plus subscribers, running from January 12th up until January 21st. To celebrate the news, they’ve released a brand new trailer for the game – check it out below:

“The Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta Test will feature the following modes:

Ranked match – Join 2 other players or team up with your friends in 3v3 online multiplayer party battles in over 12 unique arenas.
Gauntlet Mode – Offline single player mode where you will be paired with 2 AI companions in 3v3 battles.

In the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta Test, there will be 15 playable characters at any given time and these characters will change periodically throughout the Open Beta Test. Unlock and equip numerous weapons, costumes and abilities for each character to customise your style and experience and get a glimpse of the enthralling story that will unfold in the full game.”

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is coming to the Playstation 4 on January 30th 2018.

– Bandai Namco add an extra day onto their free Dragon Ball FighterZ public launch party

Due to incredibly popular demand, Bandai Namco have announced that they’ve added an additional date to their Dragon Ball FighterZ public launch party. You can find out the details of the event in the image below:

“Take a trip down memory lane, as gaming fans are welcome to play some of the most popular Dragon Ball Z video games on retro consoles such as; Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 to Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden plus loads more! Visitors can also get a taste for the latest installment in the Dragon Ball Z series with Dragon Ball FighterZ available to play.

Fighting fans can also compete during the event as tournaments will be taking place for Dragon Ball FighterZ.”

Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on January 26th 2018.

– Atmospheric first-person virtual reality adventure Apex Construct gets a new gameplay trailer

Apex Construct, the upcoming virtual reality adventure from ex-Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield developers, has a brand new gameplay trailer to show off ahead of its release on PlayStation VR next month – check it out down below:

“Travel to the shattered future of Apex Construct, where merciless robots prowl the world as a result of mankind’s reckless experiments. As these synthetic creatures seek to dominate their new hunting grounds, you must use both your wits and combat skills to survive. In this atmospheric first-person Action/Adventure game, built exclusively for VR, the fate of mankind rests on you – the last human alive.”

So, wow, this looks impressive. I love a good bow and arrow in virtual reality, but the fact that the world looks stunning and the premise unique has got me even more excited to check Apex Construct out.

Apex Construct is releasing on PlayStation VR on February 20th 2018.

– Deep Silver and Bigmoon Entertainment have revealed their upcoming open-world racer DAKAR 18

Gamers eager for an open-world cross-country racing fix have something to get excited for – Deep Silver and Bigmoon Entertainment have announced that DAKAR 18 will be releasing on PC and consoles later this year. You can check out the announcement trailer below:

“Based on the world famous annual rally – organised by Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) in South America – DAKAR 18 is a realistic simulation of the biggest cross-country rally in the world, featuring a variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, trucks, quads and SxS. Players will compete in fierce online multi-player battles as well as playing offline to harness and grow racing skills.

DAKAR rally is known as the biggest cross-country rally, so BIGMOON is creating one of the biggest open worlds ever made in a racing simulation. DAKAR 18 is focused on the realism, promising stunning visuals faithfully represent every vehicle and driver of the DAKAR 2018 rally.”

DAKAR 18 is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later in 2018.

– Retro-style platformer Rad Rodgers launches on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next month

After a successful launch on PC back in 2016, Rad Rodgers is now making its way to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Not seen the colour retro-style platformer in action? Check it out below:

“Rad is a rambunctious but spirited young boy who maybe plays too many video games. After dozing off at the tail end of a long night of gaming, Rad awakens to find his dusty old console has turned itself back on. Suddenly a vortex emerges and he’s sucked into his TV, where he finds himself the star in his very own video game adventure.

Dusty is Rad’s good-hearted but foul-mouthed, now-sentient game console. His clock speed isn’t what it used to be, but what he lacks for in megahertz he makes up for with experience and attitude!

Rad & Dusty’s adventure begins in the First World, taking them through seven dangerous stages of action-packed, humor-filled, hardcore platforming fun. This decaying jungle world has been infected by a fierce corruption, and it’s up to the unlikely buddy-duo Rad and Dusty to save the jungle’s inhabitants and restore the Elder Tree as guardian of the land.”

The PC version of the game will also be getting a brand new update that adds a host of new features and content to the game.

Rad Rodgers is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 21st 2018.

– The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia has a new trailer that shows off the game’s adventure mode

Bandai Namco have revealed a brand new trailer for their upcoming action-adventure title The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia that shows off the game’s adventure mode – check it out below:

“In The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia, players will relive the Anime storyline. From the Boar Hat they will get their battle results, unlock power-ups, select their mission and travel across Britannia! Players will be able to gather Rumors to unlock new quests for amazing battles and adventures!”

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia launches on the PlayStation 4 on February 9th 2018.