Check out our gaming news round-up for January 9th 2018, including the release date reveal for the fourth episode of Batman – The Telltale Series: The Enemy Within, Enchantress’ arrival in Injustice 2, and the release date reveal for The Red Strings Club.

– Batman – The Telltale Series: The Enemy Within’s fourth episode launches on January 22nd

Those excited to continue Bruce Wayne’s adventure in Batman – The Telltale Series: The Enemy Within don’t have long to wait – the fourth episode ‘What Ails You’ is releasing on January 22nd.

“When the Pact puts its plan into motion, Bruce’s cover is finally blown, and as his web of lies unravels, new questions emerge: When and how will the Pact regroup? What’s truly motivating Amanda Waller and the Agency? And perhaps most importantly, how will John Doe handle the truth about his buddy Bruce? With another showdown brewing, the clown prince of crime may finally earn his crown…”

– Enchantress makes her way to the Injustice 2 roster today

Injustice 2 fans eager for a new character to kick some hero (and villain) asses with are in luck today – DLC character Enchantress is now available to download! You can check her out in the gameplay trailer below:

“The all-too ordinary life of June Moone ended the day she was possessed by the Enchantress, a demonic sorceress with aspirations of world domination. Today, she fights for her very soul, struggling to harness the Enchantress’ magic for good. If she fails, the Enchantress will consume her – and our world won’t be far behind.”

Owners of the Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Pack, or Fighter Pack 3 can download Enchantress now.

– Cyberpunk point-and-click thriller The Red Strings Club launches on January 22nd

Developers Deconstructeam and Devolver Digital have announced that their cyberpunk point-and-click thriller The Red Strings Club will make its way to PCs on January 22nd.

“The Red Strings Club is a cyberpunk narrative experience about fate and happiness featuring the extensive use of pottery, bartending and impersonating people on the phone to take down a corporate conspiracy. The professed altruistic corporation Supercontinent Ltd is on the verge of releasing Social Psyche Welfare: a system that will eliminate depression, anger and fear from society. However, the bartender of a clandestine club and a freelance hacker don’t regard this evolution as an improvement but as brainwashing. Alongside unwitting company employees and a rogue empathy android, the duo will pull all the strings they can to bring down this scheme.”

You can check out The Red Strings Club’s Steam page through this link.

– Spearhead Games have revealed their new narrative-driven puzzle-adventure Omensight

Stories: The Path of Destinies developer Spearhead Games have revealed their new title, Omensight. Check out the teaser trailer below:

“You are the Harbinger, a skilled warrior who exists outside of time. You have foreseen the annihilation of the land known as Urralia and have been summoned to rewrite its fate. Serve as the eyes and the sword of Urralia as you identify characters who could have played a part in the story of its destruction, like a war general or a powerful sorcerer. Appear alongside these characters to discover how they chose to spend their final moments. Will you fight with them or against them?

By participating in fateful events from different perspectives, you’ll learn valuable information about how specific decisions unfold. When those decisions call for battle, make use of the Harbinger’s sword techniques and creatively combine time-slowing spells or other abilities to eliminate threats. Use the power of Omensight to weave a new narrative, pave the way to a brighter future, and give the world of Urralia a second chance.”

I was a big fan of Stories: The Path of Destinies, so I’m particularly excited to check Omensight out. So far it’s only confirmed for a PC release – you can check out its Steam page through this link.

– Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet gets a new trailer as well as pre-order bonuses

Bandai Namco have revealed both a new trailer for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet that shows off the game’s opening movie and some details about the pre-order bonuses for the Xbox One and PC editions of the game. You can check out the new trailer below:

“Fans who pre-order the Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Digital Edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition for Xbox One will be rewarded with special content.

• Two exclusive costumes; the Kirito SAO costume and Asuna SAO costume plus the silver assault rifle.

The Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Digital Deluxe Edition for Xbox One also comes with its unique bonuses:

• The Kirito ALO costume, the Asuna ALO costume, as well as the shiny gold assault rifle.
• Also included is the Season Pass, which comes with three separate DLC plus three exclusive and exciting weapons: the photon sword pink, the photon sword green, and the peculiar guitar launcher.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet fans that pre-order the Digital Edition for PC Digital will receive several rewards according to the level pre-order reach.

• The first level contains the Kirito SAO costume, the Asuna SAO costume, and the fancy silver assault rifle.
• The second level includes the Kirito ALO costume, the Asuna ALO costume, and also the gold assault rifle.
• The third level will earn you the exciting Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment, once it is released.”

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is launching on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 23rd 2018.

– Bandai Namco are hosting a free public launch party for Dragon Ball FighterZ for UK gamers

UK gamers who are excited for the upcoming release of Dragon Ball FighterZ can celebrate the game’s launch in style – Bandai Namco have announced that they’re going to be hosting an official launch party! You can check out the details down below:

“Take a trip down memory lane, as gaming fans are welcome to play some of the most popular Dragon Ball Z video games on retro consoles such as; Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 to Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden plus loads more! Visitors can also get a taste for the latest installment in the Dragon Ball Z series with Dragon Ball FighterZ available to play.

Fighting fans can also compete during the event as tournaments will be taking place for Dragon Ball FighterZ.”

Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on January 26th 2018.

– SmuggleCraft’s free ‘Track Creator’ update is now available

SmuggleCraft was a decent little racer, so I’m glad to see the developers are still at work at keeping the game updated and bringing new content for gamers to play through. The latest piece of content is the ‘Track Creator’ which allows players to create their own speedy little tracks, which is great for all the creative folk out there.

“The Track Creator allows users to design their own levels using any of the 200+ modular terrain pieces in the game, and even select settings like time of day and weather conditions. Users can upload their tracks, challenge their friends, and browse tracks created by other users worldwide.”

Not only do players get to create tracks of their own, but a new time-attack mode has been added to the game too. Not bad for a free update!

SmuggleCraft is available now on the PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and Linux.

– Off-road racer Gravel gets a new gameplay trailer featuring the Montebianco track

Milestone have revealed a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming racer Gravel that shows off their snowy Montebianco track. Check it out below:

Gravel is making its way to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 27th 2018.

– Colourful puzzle-platformer de Blob 2 hits consoles on February 27th

After releasing the original de Blob on consoles towards the end of last year, THQ Nordic have announced that its sequel will also be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 27th. You can check out the announcement trailer below:

“de Blob 2 is a platformer which utilizes unique painting functionality as the main game mechanic along with classic platforming actions and low gravity space. Set a few years after the events of the first de Blob game, action in de Blob 2 revolves around another attempt to wipe all colorful individuality from Prisma City and its residents. It’s up to the player to join the Color Underground and bring color back to the world. Features include: multiplayer support, 12 new single player levels, new power-ups and epic boss battles.”