Codemasters’ frantic arcade-racer ONRUSH is finally getting ranked multiplayer, with the Pre Season challenges starting today.

ONRUSH Pre Season, which will run for two weeks, will allow players to get hands-on with Ranked Mode and will give them the chance to unlock exclusive Pre Season rewards including XP bonuses, credits and unique Tombstones.

During Pre-Season players will be able to take part in several ‘placement’ games to determine their skill level, and will be issued one of the following ranks:
– Bronze: Jack, Queen, King, Ace
– Silver: Jack, Queen, King, Ace
– Gold: Jack, Queen, King, Ace
– Platinum: Jack, Queen, King, Ace

ONRUSH Summer Slam, which will run for eight weeks, will include: new celebrations, new epic character outfits, new epic vehicle shells, new epic liveries, XP bonuses and new Tombstones.

I think ONRUSH is great (as you can see in our review) but there’s no denying that it should have included ranked multiplayer from the start. Hopefully this will encourage a few gamers to return to the game – I know I will be getting in on the chaos later tonight…

ONRUSH is out now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.