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Immortal Planet | REVIEW

It’s far from perfect, but its satisfying combat mechanics and introduction of its own unique mechanics certainly help it offer a thoroughly enjoyable take on of Dark Souls’ tough as nails formula.

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Peregrin | REVIEW

Whilst the puzzles might not provide the enigmas you’d hope they would, they don’t stop Peregrin from offering an enjoyable little adventure that’s worth embarking on.

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Dino Frontier | REVIEW

I thoroughly enjoyed Dino Frontier and its solid evidence that this kind of game works perfectly within the unorthodox confines of VR. There isn’t enough here to hook you in for too long, but what it does offer is of top quality.

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Gigantic | REVIEW

Whilst the experience might not be as enjoyable when you’re on your own, it’s an absolute blast when played with friends. It’s free to play too so there’s no risk in trying it out – just don’t be surprised if it completely hooks you in.

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Redeemer | REVIEW

It has a few underlying technical issues and it’s lacking in variety, but anyone who loves a good old fashioned top-down brawler should give Redeemer a try.

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