Thanks to a partnership with indie publisher Abstraction Games, Night Light Interactive will be bringing their gorgeous 2D horror adventure Whispering Willows to Xbox One and Wii U, along with the previously announced PC, iOS and Android ports of the game. Check out the trailer for the game below:

Whispering Willows puts you in the shoes of Elena, a young girl who is looking for her missing father. She has a power however – thanks to an amulet that her father gave to her as a gift she is able to project her spirit outside of her body. Whilst in spirit form Elena is able to interact with the environment to solves puzzles, help lost spirits and most importantly help Elena find her missing father.

The game is sounding pretty cool – it’s got great visuals, the concept is neat and the background music is very eerie. Whispering Willows is definitely one to look out for – it’s due to arrive sometime this Summer.