Atari have launched the newest entry in their Alone In The Dark series, subtitled Illumination exclusively on Steam. As a bonus until June 22nd fans can buy the game with a 15% discount so available for £22.99/$29.99.

Alone In The Dark Illumination

The developer released the following details about the game:
“In Alone in the Dark: Illumination, players must work their way through a desolate mining town while battling beasts from beyond madness, including Hell Hounds, Ghouls and Demons. These unnatural foes are only vulnerable when exposed to light sources, so players must strategically manage environmental light sources to defeat enemies.  Devious environmental puzzles challenge players to utilize all available light sources and scarce resources as they progress deeper into the darkness.

Four character classes are available, each offering unique weapons and abilities. The heroes include the heavy weapon-wielding Hunter, the lightning-manipulating Witch, the divinely-empowered Priest, and the mechanically-inclined Engineer. Completing campaigns within the single-player mode unlocks additional heroes, which then become playable within both single-player and multiplayer modes.”

It’s actually sounding pretty good – the trailer actually looks pretty sweet too. Check it out down below:

There hasn’t been a new Alone In The Dark game since 2008 and that title wasn’t that well received. Hopefully this new title will do better – I’ve always been a fan of the series.

To buy the game head over to the Steam page now through this link.