Nihilumbra devs BeautiFun have revealed their newest game Megamagic – a game that is influenced by the action cartoons from the 80s and 90s!

You take on the role of two brothers, Phoban and Deimon, who possess two powerful objects: a book and a staff. You are also accompanied by Fum, a little smoky creature who is not only Phoban’s best friend but also the key to the most powerful spell ever created. A lot of people are after Fum, and it’s up to you to protect him.

The game is massively influenced by 80s and 90s cartoons, both with its appearance and some of the things you will be encountering in the game: robots, monsters, zombies, magic and much more!

The game is looking pretty sweet – Check out the trailer below:

The developer revealed some of the features you’ll find in the game:

• Explore a huge world inhabited by a lot of different characters and factions
• Battle against hordes of different monsters and add them to your grimoire
• Solve puzzles and beat monsters in an intense dungeon crawling style
• Learn different spells, each one with unique properties
• Summon any monster you have encountered before, each one with unique skills
• Original soundtrack composed by Mitch Murder.
• Solve puzzles and beat enemies with a new combat system based on RTS mechs
• Choose your own palette of summons and spells depending on each challenge

Click this link to check out more at the game’s official website!