Pencil Test Studios have announced the release date for their upcoming clay animated adventure Armikrog as August 18th for $24.99 –  fans who pre-order the game will get  a 10% discount though. A deluxe edition has also been announced for $29.99 that includes both the game and the full game soundtrack by Terry Scott Taylor. The game will be arriving on PC, Mac and Linux.


The game is the spiritual successor to classic (and also clay animated) point and click adventure The Neverhood – a game a lot of people may recognize for it’s fantastic art style. I remember being blowm away by it when I initially saw it back in 1996. 19 years on and we finally get Armikrog!

The developer gave an overview of the game:
Armikrog is a humorous, off-kilter adventure game starring space explorer Tommynaut (played by Michael J. Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000) and his faithful alien dog companion Beak-Beak (played by legendary voice actor Rob Paulsen), both designed by Earthworm Jim creator Doug Ten Napel. Armikrog follows the exploits of this unusual duo as they find their galactic travels cut short by imprisonment in a mysterious fortress and attempt to make their escape.”

You can check out some game footage in the video below, and for more information visit the official website by clicking this link.