Bethesda have revealed gameplay for id Software’s Doom, the newest entry in the classic FPS series hitting Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC in Spring 2016.

Doom 4 Screenshot

The game looks amazing – it’s built on the idTech6 engine. It’s brutal, beautiful and seems a real return to the roots of series with fast gameplay, constant killing, insanely grotesque enemies, plenty of cool guns and a more old school style to the levels. Oh, and it has a kick ass chainsaw. This is Doom, alright. Check out the trailer below:

Multiplayer is fast paced arena style combat with a variety of environments and different modes to play. It looks pretty sick. There are also horde style co-op options for those who like that sort of thing.

The game also offers you the ability to create your own Doom experience using ‘Doom Snapmap’ – an in-game tool that allows you to create your own maps online, even designing how the game plays with a lot of intricate options. Should be pretty rad – you could spend an endless amount of hours with online play, especially since you can create and share your own challenges as well as play those created by others.