The Kingdom Hearts series has always had a huge fan base, it’s combination of all your favourite Disney movies mixed with the huge lore of Final Fantasy is the perfect mix for gamers and movie fans alike. Kingdom Hearts 3 has been long awaited by fans since it’s 2013 reveal, and now we’ve been treated to a new gameplay video featuring the world of Disney’s Tangled. Check it out below:

The Kingdom Hearts games have always looked beautiful, but on modern consoles Square Enix have hit a new level. The game is stunning, everything animated so fluidly. The battle system has been upgraded too – it’s looking ridiculously good fun to play.

Gamers all over the world can’t wait to get their hands on Kingdom Hearts 3 – me being one of them! There’s no release window yet but hopefully we may see more of the game at the Tokyo Game Show – we do know it’ll be hitting Playstation 4 and Xbox One though.