This reveal was a bit of a surprise – Square Enix have confirmed that they are bringing a sequel to their cult 2010 action RPG NieR and it’s being developed in collaboration with action game geniuses Platinum Games. The game has been given the temporary name of NieR New Project for now and promises action-orientated combat and a diverse visual experience that will fully harness the graphic power of the Playstation 4. Check the trailer out below:

It’s looking great. I was a BIG fan of NieR when it originally came out – the gameplay was fantastic and the story, although at times completely bizarre, was very enjoyable. It also had an ending which completely deleted all your saves which was implemented in a very neat way, despite how cruel it may seem after the hours you give to the game. Either way I can’t wait – no release date has been revealed yet but we do know it’s going to be a Playstation 4 exclusive.