Square Enix have revealed the charming World Of Final Fantasy: a game where you collect, raise and take into battle the monsters of the Final Fantasy universe. The game is ridiculously stunning, check it out below:

Beautiful, right? The game stars two siblings as they explore the world seeking familiar monsters such as Cactuar, Chocobos and even Behemoths, discovering their alternate forms and teaching them all-new abilities along the way.

The game also has a key feature with the ‘stacking’ ability – an ability that allows the twins to adjust their size, turning themselves small enough to ride on a monster or even vice versa! Chocobos will finally get their own back after all the years of holding our character’s weight in previous Final Fantasy games – Good on them!

We should see more of the game leading up to it’s 2016 launch and I can’t wait – World Of Final Fantasy is coming out on Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.