Empty Clip Studios have announced Symphony Worlds, an action strategy game where your music library is used to create unique and living worlds that have been overrun by a mysterious demonic foe. In the game you have the freedom to explore the world created by the music and make elusive discoveries, harvest resources and create a base that is capable of taking the demonic foe that is out to stop you.

The developer has shared the following gameplay information about the game:
“The game takes place on a tiny planetary environment complete with vegetation, real weather and a two-minute day-night cycle, where you can actually outrun the night (turns out the night can be dangerous so that’s a good idea). Every polygon on the planet is 100% procedural and destructible, making for a fluid battlefield that’s unique every time.
More than just for world creation, music is integrated at every turn and is the player’s ally as it provides resources and special abilities based on its personality. Need to get out of a jam? Kick-in some heavy-metal. Need to plant a forest? Time for a delicate classical piece. Terrain, weather, day-night cycle, vegetation: everything has an impact on gameplay, and everything is influenced by the music.”

There’s also been a trailer released, and it looks fantastic. Check it out below:

A Kickstarter campaign is going to be launched later this Summer with Empty Clip Studios hoping to launch the game early 2016 on Steam with a console and Mac/Linux release to follow.