Hardcore platformer Super Rude Bear Resurrection has hit Steam Greenlight in a bid to launch on the platform. I think you should definitely go vote for it – just look at the game:

It’s looking chaotic, a bit insane but most of all like good fun.

The developer released the following story details:
“Rude Bear is a gangster bear from East London who’s summoned back in time to medieval England by his mortal nemesis, The Wizard, and forced to overcome challenges that are so lethal he’ll (probably) need to be resurrected hundreds of times to stand any chance of getting out.”
It sounds ridiculous, in the best possible way of course.

The game sees your corpses remaining after death for you to use as any means possible to progress through the level – be it a platform, a meatshield or even just as something to remind yourself where you went wrong last time. The latter may be the case a lot of the time – there’s plenty of things to cause your demise inSuper Rude Bear Resurrection.

You can check out the Greenlight page by clicking this link – go on, vote for it! The game will also be hitting Playstation 4, Xbox One and Playstation Vita.