Woodsy Studio have announced that their second visual novel, Quantum Conscience, has hit steam and is available RIGHT NOW.

The developer released these details about the story:
Quantum Conscience tells the story of Blaire Pollack, a soldier in an interstellar war against an oppressive government, who is given the power to enter the minds of the other characters in the story through a system called the Void Stream.  The player chooses when Blaire will use the Void Stream, and can elect to either watch the story unfold without Blaire utilizing this power or delve into the minds of those around Blaire. Blaire, who can be a male or female protagonist, will use the knowledge obtained from the Void Stream, altering the story.”

What’s unique about Quantum Conscience is that you use Blair’s ability to to ‘Void Stream’, allowing you to use his powers to explore and change the story. Sounds interesting – visual novel fans should check this one out! Here is the trailer below:

Check out the game’s website here.