Playism have confirmed that their mech based shooter Astebreed is hitting Playstation 4 in North America June 25th.

Astebreed Screenshot

The developer released the following details on Playstation blog:
“Originally released on PC, Astebreed is a shoot-em-up with a cinematic twist: once you climb into your mechanized warmachine, you’ll be screaming through every environment shooting lasers and missiles at everything around you. While all this chaos is going on, the in-game camera seamlessly swoops around you, changing the game from side scrolling shoot-em-up to vertical and more.

You’re never quite sure what’s coming next.”

Astebreed Screenshot

Sounds insane, right? I can’t wait to try this on Playstation 4 – especially since the developers have confirmed 1080p visuals at 60fps! Not only that but Astebreed will host some other Playstation 4 exclusive features like new mech upgrades, new enemy layouts and a new ‘Arrange Mode’ in addition to the game’s ‘Original Mode’.

You can read more from Playstation Blogs original post by clicking this link.