Shark Punch have launched their top down tactical team based bank robbery and heist simulator (that’s a mouthful) The Masterplan on Steam today, available for $14.99/£10.99 /14.99€.

“Set during the brutal economic downturn of Richard Nixon’s War on Drugs, The Masterplan  follows Joey Green and his dastardly crew of career criminals as they chase the score of a lifetime. Complete more jobs and land bigger paydays to uncover clues that lead to the biggest heist in history.

The Masterplan  puts gamers in the hot seat as a the mastermind, seeing a unique 2D top-down perspective of the action. It’s up to you whether you sneak around the guards or go in guns blazing and leave a trail of corpses behind you. Featuring stylized hand-drawn 2D graphics straight out of a pulp comic, and an original score inspired by classic 70s funk and soul, The Masterplan  unleashes the criminal mastermind in all of us. Now grab the cash and step on the gas before someone calls the fuzz!”

Buy The Masterplan now on Steam or their official website.