Those who want to build their 2D side-scrolling kingdoms won’t have to wait too much longer – Kingdom, the 2D side-scrolling strategy and resource management game from developers Noio and Licorice, will launch on Steam come October 21st 2015 for the low, low price of $9.99 USD /€9.99 /£6.99.

You can see Kingdom  in action in the trailer below:

“Wise Rulers know their kingdom will fall, Brave Rulers do not despair. Great Rulers know riches can rule, Calculating Rulers spend every coin with care. In Kingdom, each coin spent can tip the balance between prosperity and decay. Attend to your domain, border to border, or venture into the wild to discover its wonders and its threats. Master the land, build your defenses and, when the darkness comes, stand with your people to protect them from the trolls who come out at night, crown on your head, until the very end.”

I got the chance to play Kingdom at EGX recently and it’s great – there’s just something about it that instantly hooks you in. The 2D visuals are fantastic (check out that reflection in the water) and the gameplay mechanics are so simple yet incredibly enjoyable. This is definitely something to check out.

You can pre-purchase the game now on the official Steam page – doing so will get you the soundtrack as a bonus too.