Square Enix have officially given a full title to the sequel to 2010’s cult RPG NieR – introducing NieR: AUTOMATA. The game, developed in collaboration with Platinum Games, features high-paced action packed gameplay along with stunning visuals – you can check the game out in the video below:

It’s looking great, which is no surprise seeing as it has two development powerhouses behind it. What is a surprise though, is that we’re even seeing a sequel to NieR – whilst I was a big fan of the game, it always had more of a cult following. NieR: AUTOMATA producer Yosuke Saito had the following to say:

“NieR struck a chord with many passionate gamers . It was something so special that we felt compelled to heed the fans’ call for a follow-up. To create the ultimate action-RPG, it dawned on me that a collaboration between Platinum Games and Square Enix would be a dream come true.”

You can’t argue with that – I’m personally really excited to get my hands on the game.

Expect more details on NieR: AUTOMATA soon – for now just oggle over that trailer some more!