Developers Chainsawesome Games (what a great name) have confirmed that their multiplayer title Knight Squad will officially come out of early access and launch on PC and Xbox One on November 16th 2016. It’s also been confirmed as one of November’s Xbox ‘Games With Gold’ releases, so it’ll be free for all Xbox Live Gold members. Sweet. You can check out the game in action below:

The game looks insane and reminds me a ton of Gauntlet – that can only be a good thing.  There’s 8 player multiplayer and 9 game modes – including free-for-all and team based play.

“Reminiscent of classic party games like Bomberman, Knight Squad drops players into one of several top-down arenas where they face off to see who will be the last knight standing, capture all of the flags, or score the most goals in an adapted form of full-contact (and full-slaughter) soccer.

Gather up to seven friends and pick your knight, then kick serious butt with 100% authentic medieval weapons such as large pointy swords, rapidfire crossbows, outrageous power-ups, and devastating laser guns―voted #1 most likely to cause irreparable damage to your buddy’s knight as well as your relationship with said buddy.”

Knight Squad

I really can’t wait to give Knight Squad a try – it’s not long for its November 16th release date. For more details check out the the official website through this link.