Avalanche Studios have revealed a new video for Just Cause 3, this time giving more details on the game’s story and the missions you’ll be taking part in. You can check it out down below:

As you can see, the game offers a ton of crazy, cool things to do in missions – something fans of the Just Cause series have come to expect. There’s also more details of the story, though admittedly that can often play second fiddle to the extreme gameplay.

“In Just Cause 3, Rico Rodriguez returns to his homeland – the Mediterranean island of Medici. Far from the paradise it might appear on the surface, Medici is ruled by the dictator General Di Ravello, who uses the island’s resources to further his plans of world domination. Thankfully, Rico is no stranger to removing tyrannous dictators from power, and takes charge of the rebellion.”

There’s not too long a wait now – Just Cause 3 is hitting Playstation 4, Xbox One and PCs on December 1st 2016!