It has been revealed that the first title to be published through the Square Enix Collective is point and click mystery Goetia. The title was initially on the Square Enix Collective feedback program back in 2014, receiving an astounding 90% yes ratio – this followed with a successful Kickstarter. You can see the game in action below:

“It is 1941. War is raging, and Blackwood Manor lies empty.
Abigail’s parents and sister are missing, and the air is filled with anxiety and anger. Who is living here now? What happened to everyone? Why has Abigail come back from the dead? And what is this Goetia that seems to be the key to understanding all this nonsense?”

It sounds very eerie – I’m intrigued to see where French developers Sushee take the game. We’ll be able to find out when it launches on Steam for Windows and Mac in early 2016 – expect more details soon.

Want to find out more about Goetia? Check out the official website through this link!