Developers LVR Studio have launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming post apocalyptic MMO Pangaea: New World. You can take a look at the game world in action in the video below:

Pangaea: New World is an innovative and unique open-world, multi-player action game that, at its core, is a post-apocalyptic, survival, sci-fi shooter game. We performed in depth studies of a wide array of video games and genres and we were avidly and enthusiastically inspired by games such as: Stalker, Metro 2033, RAGE, and Infestation. The inspiration we received from these games has driven us to create some highly ambitious content and taking cues from other genres and combining them in unique ways that make players rethink the depth and breadth of an action-oriented first person shooter game.”

The game looks pretty good – if your interested in backing Pangaea: New World you can head to the Kickstarter page through this link. If they reach their $250,000 goal the game will see release on PC, Mac, Playstation 4 and Xbox One before the end of 2016.