It probably won’t come as a surprise to you, but Sony have revealed today that the Playstation 4 has sold more than 30.2 million units worldwide – it’s the fastest and strongest growth in Playstation hardware history.

Playstation 4

It’s still some ways of the Playstation 2’s global sales of over 155 million, but it’s got plenty of years to catch up. If it keeps selling at this rate it could be the best selling console of all time. Here are the current top 5 selling consoles if you’re intrigued:

Playstation 2 –  Over 155 Million
Nintendo DS – 154.01 Million
Game Boy – 118.69 Million
Playstation – 102.49 Million
Nintendo Wii – 101.59 Million

Those consoles have been around much longer – I’ll be intrigued to see where the Playstation 4 will stand in ten years time!

It got off to a strong start when launched, taking advantage of not only a technical superiority over the Xbox One but also a few of Microsoft’s decisions in regards to their console. Microsoft have made changes on their end, but it hasn’t been enough to quell the Playstation 4’s superiority – I’ll be intrigued to see their sales figures when released though.

Either way it’s fantastic for console gamers – the console market was suggested to be deteriorating, but these figures suggest otherwise. Congratulations, Sony!