Following on from the success of Pokémon Shuffle, Nintendo are expanding their free to play catalogue with another fresh Pokémon take on a classic puzzle format with Pokémon Picross – launching this week on Nintendo 3DS. You can check out the reveal trailer below:

“Turn puzzles into portraits with Pokémon Picross! Solve over 300 number puzzles to complete pictures of your favourite Pokémon. When you complete a puzzle, you’ll add that Pokémon to your collection! Collected Pokémon can help you solve puzzles using a variety of skills. There are 12 skills in all and their effects vary. Have fun collecting a lot of Pokémon and solving puzzles with their help!”

The simple nature of picross puzzles is hugely addictive – I remember putting a ton of hours into Mario Picross back on the original Gameboy. Ah, memories. The Pokémon crossover will only make it more appealing, especially with collecting aspect. I think this will be another F2P success for Nintendo.

You can grab Pokémon Picross on the Nintendo eShop on December 3 exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS.