Need your fix of 2D side scrolling beat ’em up pirate action? Of course you do! You’re in luck then, with FL337 arriving next week on Steam Early Access. You can check out the launch trailer below:

“Sharpen your swords and prepare yourself for an epic journey. In a world where pirate ships run the seas embark on a journey to defeat the one fleet who undeniably rules them all. Grab a friend or dare to give it a go solo in this arcade style beat ‘em up. With each level more challenging than the last, every level brings you to a different ship of the fleet. Upon boarding each ship you must know that no ship is without a Captain. Every boss battle brings you and your comrades one step closer to the task at hand. Do you think you have what it takes to defeat the Fleet?”

It’s looking pretty fun –  with co-op action and plenty of levels to work through it’s definitely worth checking out.

FL337 launches on Steam Early Access for PC and Mac November 17th – check out more on the game’s steam page through this link.