Square Enix have revealed some fresh details about Final Fantasy Explorers, this time detailing the encounters with the eidolons in the game. There’ll be twelve eidolons featured in the game, two of whom are new and exclusive to the title. You can grab a look at them in the infographic below:

Final Fantasy Explorers

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The eidolons are looking sweet – classics like Ifrit, Odin and Shiva are looking bad ass whilst newbies Dryad and Amaterasu look awesome too. I’ve always loved the ‘summons’ of Final Fantasy games, and Final Fantasy Explorers looks like it’s going to feature some of the coolest yet.

“In Final Fantasy Explorers, adventurers can battle the 12 formidable eidolons solo or in a party of up to four players. Once players defeat an eidolon, they are granted the ability to summon them in battle while in Trance Mode, a temporary ability where players can transform into other legendary characters from the Final Fantasy series.

After the main story is completed, players looking for a challenge will have the opportunity to battle aberrant versions of each eidolon which are significantly tougher in battle than their original counterparts and feature a different design.”

Final Fantasy Explorers hits the Nintendo 3DS on January 29th 2016. Keep your eyes peeled for more details over the next month!