RigidSoft have released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming survival title Lifeless – you can check it out below:

I felt some Bioshock vibes from that teaser, though I’m sure we won’t be investigating an underwater city here. In fact, I couldn’t find a whole lot of details about Lifeless other than this little snippet from the press release:

“May 2021, Stillwater Bay, Maine, US – Today, we have received unconfirmed reports that there has been an airplane crash in the region, with one possible survivor on board.
Since global communications broke down back in May 2011, we know from some of the last messages received that traces of the virus were also found in Western Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Australia, and South Eastern Japan.
We can only assume that any survivor will attempt to make contact with the Nova Guard, or the Spartan Phalanx factions.”

Sounds very zombie-esque – it’s certainly got me intrigued to find out more though, so I guess the trailer did its job.

We’ll keep you updated with details on Lifeless in the near future – for now though you can check out the official website through this link.