After more than two decades in development, long delayed unstoppable bus simulator Omnibus is finally hitting Personal Computers this Spring. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of one of the most famous vaporware video game tales of all time? Check out this video below to learn a little history behind the title:

Ok, ok – so maybe the vaporware element of the game is a bit of a joke, but it doesn’t stop Omnibus catching your eye. That is one of the most enjoyable trailers I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s certainly put Omnibus on my radar. Plus, it has these amazing features:

Deep Emotional Narrative: Throughout history man has looked to the noble bus in times of chaos and turmoil to bring peace, prosperity, and a lift to those that it serves during hours of operation. Slay demon buses, harvest space corn, and transport astronauts to a wedding as the legend foretold to become the one true OmniBus. There’s also a pretty cool level with a football field on the top of a skyscraper.

Multiplayer Derby Mode: Jump into the chaotic free-for-all multiplayer versus mode where drivers are pitted against each other in a high score trick mode or the visceral deathmatch mode sure to raise tensions down at the bus depot.

Free Play Trick Mode: Choose your favorite bus and pull off unbelievable jumps, flips and twists to hit incredible high scores and impress friends, family, and other OmniBus drivers on the leaderboards.

Cutting Edge Everything: OmniBus has the best of everything from graphics and sound effects to physics and an options menu. This is the future. This is OmniBus.

Potential Game of the Year? We’ll see. You can grab Omnibus on PC when it launches this Spring.