Despite rumours of Konami taking a backseat from console gaming, they’ve announced they will be releasing new Yu-Gi-Oh! games across multiple formats in 2016.


“In readiness of the series’ milestone 20th year, Konami is engaged in a number of initiatives to bring the Yu-Gi-Oh series to an ever larger range of devices. In Spring, a new mobile game Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links will be released, followed by a new game for the Nintendo 3DS platform in the summer. Konami will also release a new online game for consoles and PCs in the winter while the popular console game Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist and mobile game Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Generation will both receive receive major updates.”

Sure, it doesn’t look like these are AAA releases but at least they aren’t pachinko machines. Maybe we should keep the faith and expect to see more Konami releases during the next year? Only time will tell!

There’s no solid details yet (there aren’t even names for the console releases) but expect to see more details over the coming months.