Have you got the balls to take on your foes in some hardcore dodgeball action? If so, check out StikBold! – the crazy dodgeball title coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac this Spring. You can check it out in action below:

Stikbold! is a wacky twist on traditional dodgeball. It’s pure and unadulterated fun as Stikbold! thrusts up to six players into a variety of crazy courts for manic multiplayer action as dodgeballs, jellyfish, beehives and more are hurled to knock out the competition.

Venture forth on an epic story mode alone or with a friend and embark on a quest with bromance Björn and Jerome, two of the world’s greatest Stikbold! superstars, to rescue babes, save the Stikbold! championships and defeat the devil himself. Fight through hippies, whales and skeletons, take on huge boss battles and complete more than 45 dastardly challenges in the ultimate dodgeball adventure with Stikbold!

Stikbold! looks like it’s going to be epic fun, especially in multiplayer mode. One neat feature is that if you get eliminated, you can come back and cause havoc for other players with a variety of hazards – I’m sure that’ll ruin a ton of friendships. I’m looking forward to checking it out – it’s hitting Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac in Spring.