Swedish developers Cosmic Picnic have announced that their upcoming Space sim/platformer  Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space (ADIOS) will hit the Playstation 4 on February 2nd in the US and February 3rd in Europe. Not seen the game? You can check out a gameplay trailer below:

I haddn’t seen ADIOS before today but I’m intrigued – it looks like a sweet 2D mix of No Man’s Sky and Lunar Lander. I know I’m looking forward to giving the game a go and start my very own space mission! It features the following:

– Gameplay built around exploration and physics
– Seamless transitions between planetary action and space-flight. Exit the ship at any time and any place.
– Comprehensive simulation of procedurally generated solar-systems
– Discover new ships, astronauts, gadgets, powerups and strange artifacts
– No weapons or killing (horrible accidents may occur) 

It’s sounding great – I’m looking forward to giving ADIOS a try. It launches on Playstation 4 on February 2nd in the US and February 3rd in Europe.