Bethesda have released an all new video giving more details on the third expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online, the ‘Thieves Guild’. You can check out the video below:

“Thieves Guild, the first official DLC game pack of 2016 for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, will be available on the ESO PTS (Public Test Server) next week and launches on PC/Mac on March 7th, Xbox One on March 22nd, and PlayStation 4 on March 23rd. The Thieves Guild DLC game pack—complete with a new Thieves Guild passive skill line, new Justice gameplay, hours of new story content and more—will be accessible at no cost to those who have an active ESO Plus membership. Otherwise, it will cost 2,000 crowns in the ESO Crown Store. The base-game patch, always free to those who own ESO, is chock-full of new features and enhancements including a 64-bit client for PC and Mac, scrolling combat text, grouping improvements and incentives, and tons of combat and gameplay balance changes. We encourage all our PC and Mac players to join us on the PTS for Thieves Guild testing!

Set in a desert peninsula called Hew’s Bane, the Thieves Guild DLC game pack brings you to Hammerfell locations never before seen in an Elder Scrolls game. Abah’s Landing, the opulent jewel of Hew’s Bane, is not only one of the most elaborate cities in The Elder Scroll Online, it’s also home to the Thieves Guild. Be ever aware of your surroundings while in Abah’s Landing—the network of back alleys, narrow catwalks, and secluded alcoves hide more than a few secrets.”

The ‘Thieves Guild’ DLC was given a small introduction last week, but Bethesda have released a ton of extra details on their blog. You can check that out through this link.

‘Thieves Guild’ will launch for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited on March 7th for PC and Mac, March 22nd on Xbox One and March 23rd on Playstation 4.