Hardcore ASCII stylized dungeon crawler Brut@l has hit Steam Greenlight. If you want to see the game on Steam you can head to Brut@l’s Greenlight page by clicking this link – if you’ve not seen the game in action you can check it out in the trailer below:

“Choose your hero: Ranger, Mage, Warrior or Amazon then descend into a procedurally generated world constructed entirely from ASCII.
Craft and enchant weapons, brew and drink strange potions, risk their effects and level up your hero based on the play style that suits you. Most of all, survive for as long as you can as you battle Trolls, Orcs, Rockmonsters, Lycanthorpes and many more in this Brut@l roguelike.
Share the adventure by exploring Brut@l’s dungeon with a friend in local co-op, laying waste to the hordes of enemies that stand between you and floor 26, evoking the nostalgia of all night gaming sessions from years past.
Get creative with Brut@l’s Dungeon Creator, an intuitive editing tool that lets you build, play, share and even die in your very own dungeon.”

I don’t think Brut@l will have a problem getting through the Greenlight process. It’s a fantastic looking game and it’s had a lot of buzz from gamers all over the internet with its hardcore dungeon crawling gameplay, super stylish visuals and intriguing ‘Dungeon Creator’. Still, you can help out by voting ‘yes’ for the game on it’s Greenlight page – you can access the Greenlight page through this link.


Brut@l is coming to the Playstation 4 sometime during Q2 2016 – no news on an exact PC release date yet, but we’ll keep you updated.