Publisher tinyBuild and developers Lazy Bear Games have announced that they are bringing a free expansion to their widely successful boxing management game Punch Club. Not seen the game in action? Check it out below:

The new expansion is named ‘The Dark Fist’ and comes with an all new storyline where you find a suitcase that pinpoints you to crimes in the city. What do would you do in this situation? If your answer is ‘put on a mask and start fighting crime’ then this ‘The Dark Fist’ is for you!

With over three hours worth of content it’ll keep Punch Club fans busy for awhile – it’s free too, which is always a plus! It’s also been announced that players are now able to cross-save between platforms (Steam, iOS and Android) and also bet on fights on Twitch.

Punch Club

The fight betting on Twitch sounds really neat – we’ll have more details on that soon.

‘The Dark Fist’ launches on March 8th and will be free for all Punch Club owners. If you want to buy the game you can grab it on the Steam store through this link.