Bandai Namco have revealed the opening 11-minute prologue animation for upcoming GOD EATER: Resurrection, brought to us by famed animation studio ufotable. Check it out below:

“Set in the year 2065, three young God Eater recruits from the Fenrir Far East Branch are sent to the Eurasian continent’s former Russia. With humanity on the brink against the ravenous Aragami, they are to provide back up to the Allied Forces in a large-scale search and destroy operation. In a prologue to the GOD EATER series, this animation created by ufotable gives a glimpse of key characters Soma, Lindow, Tsubaki and Johannes von Schicksal, 6 years before the events of GOD EATER: Resurrection.

It’s a sweet prologue – I’d recommend watching it even if you’re not intending to pick up GOD EATER: Resurrection. If you are planning on buying it though you can get it when it launches on Playstation 4, Playstation Vita and PC this Summer.