Light Step Games have revealed that their minimalist top down action title Sprinter will release on Steam on 26th February 2016 – you can check out the launch trailer below:

Sprinter will challenge you to dash through guarded hallways — sneaking past security cameras and collecting metaphorical “treasure” to piece together the stories of Rosie, Emily, and Lyle. Almost like a top-down racing game, Sprinter is all about precision and quick reflexes: You need to deal with the obstacles on the run (never slowing down) if you hope to complete each of the game’s levels within the allotted time.

Sprinter is very difficult by default — so the developer (Light Step Games) decided to include an “easier” mode, which allows you a little extra time to get through each level (and perhaps focus more on the narrative). You can switch to “normal” mode at any time — and if you beat each level in normal mode, you’ll unlock the Gold difficulty time . . . which is even harder!

Sprinter makes use of illustrated “memory fragments” displayed between each level. The art style is shared by both gameplay and storytelling; pastel colors and hand-drawn graphics mesh in a perfect combination of hardcore gameplay and deeply engrossing personal narratives.

The trick to doing well in Sprinter? Keep running…”

Sprinter hits PC, Mac and Linux on 26th February 2016 – you’ll be able to grab it on its Steam page through this link.