Western themed shooter Blood Will Be Spilled is looking for a little love from gamers after hitting Steam Greenlight and the Square Enix Collective. Not seen the game in action? Check it out in the trailer below:

Blood will be Spilled is a spaghetti-western-themed 2D action platformer taking place in a world inhabited by insects. You follow the story of Jack, a mosquito gunslinger, on his quest for revenge.
But revenge is like a chilli – to make it good, Jack needs the right ingredients. A bit of money – from all the collected bounties; few friends, that could help him in the time of need; his own skills and abilities; and most of all shallow graves for all those who would stand in his way. The only question is: Are you going to be the Good, the Bad, or the Ugly?”

Things like Steam Greenlight and the Square Enix Collective can really help out game developers – it would be a great help for the developers if Blood Will Be Spilled could get a decent amount of support on both. You can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight and the Square Enix Collective by clicking the following links:


Blood Will Be Spilled is confirmed to be coming to PC and Mac. You can find out more on the official website through this link.