Publisher BadLand Indie and developer Aheartfulofgames have announced that their upcoming 3D robot brawler Heart&Slash will hit the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime during Q2 2016. If you’ve not seen the game before you can check it out in the trailer below:

Heart&Slash follows Heart, a sentient robot fighting to escape the grip of the evil and all seeing machine QuAsSy (Quality Assurance Systems). Make no mistake, Heart&Slash is no walk in the park. Perma-death allows for a brand new, randomly generated, level each time you start over: a different set of weapons and items to use, new enemies to fight and secrets to explore. Heart&Slash offers players something new and challenging because it is not about mastering one system, rather adapting to what is provided and making the most of it.”

I’ve tried out Heart&Slash and it’s a neat game. I really dig the cartoon/retro styled visuals and there’s certainly something lovable and charming about the lead character Heart. It’s actually available on early access right now – you can grab it on Steam by clicking this link.


Heart&Slash is coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime during Q2 2016.