Bandai Namco games have released some brand new information for upcoming RPG Tales Of Berseria, this time showing off two new characters along with a new combat mechanic.

Tales Of Berseria

Tales Of Berseria, the next opus in the epic Tales of series, returns with a host of new characters and new battle system features. Magilou a female witch and self-proclaimed “great sorceress”, and Bienfu a peculiar Malak with a rather unique hat will enter the adventure in Tales Of Berseria. The reckless witch and eccentric Malak join the cast alongside the previously revealed Velvet, Laphicet, Rokuro and Eleanor.

With them, a new battle system feature has also been introduced: the Break Soul. This action, specific to each character, permits the player to exceed the normal number of Artes in a combo. When done correctly, a special effect occurs.

Discover among others Velvet’s Break Soul “Consuming Claw”, which enables her to eat an enemy’s ability through her mutated left hand. There’s also Magilou’s Break Soul “Spell Absorber”, which allows the player to cancel an enemy’s action and absorb their mana.”

You can check out more about the new characters as well as the ‘Break Soul’ combat mechanic over at the Tales Of blog by clicking this link.

Tales Of Berseria

No details on a release date yet, but Tales Of Berseria will be coming to Playstation 4 and PC.